Home Insurance

Home Insurance helps protect you against things that are out of your control, such as damage from natural disasters like storms and fires. The insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing your home, including fixtures.

Here at Orchard Financial Group we can help you and give you the tools to insure your property. There is a lot to think about if the worst thing happens – you lose your home. We would look at a range of extra or ‘supplementary’ cost to cover you for the unexpected including paying for: 

  •   Alternative accommodation while rebuilding your house
  •   Removal of debris from the site
  •   Architects or other professional to draw up plans
  •   Lodging plans with your local council

Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance covers you for damage or loss to your personal possessions which is located within your home. It includes everything that you would take from your home if you move including kitchen appliances, furniture, curtains, bedding, clothing, television, jewellery and computer equipment.  Some policies will provide cover for personal items within Australia such as laptops, music players, mobile phone and camera’s.

Contents Insurance (sometimes known as Household Insurance) covers the possessions belonging to you and members of your family. This usually means belongings of your husband, wife, partner, children and other people living with you are protected.

Most content insurance policies will cover damage to or loss of your contents as a result of insured items such as:

  •   Fire
  •   Theft
  •   Storm
  •   Burst water pipes

Call the friendly team at Orchard Insurance Brokers or drop into our office at Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast, to discuss a suitable Home and Contents Insurance policy for your needs.