Order Your Equipment or Vehicle Now for 2022!

With everything taking so long to be delivered – Planning is everything!

If you are in business and you are thinking of a New Vehicle or Business Equipment – now is the time to do your research on Delivery Times and Increased Costs of Products! As everything including Food is taking so long to get delivered, don’t let your business slip behind!

With any planning in your business, we always suggest you use a professional in their field. The first step would be to talk to your accountant. Find out how your business is traveling and where it is going? Then ask your accountant about your eligibility to the Instant Asset Write-off.

After you get a plan together and if you are looking for finance – please give us a call as there are many finance options when you are considering an asset purchase, especially when you purchase as a business with tax benefits. Do you know what is the best option for you? Speak to the team at Orchard Financial Group on the Sunshine Coast who can explain the benefits and different options available to you, such as Equipment Loans, Hire Purchases, Finance Leases and more. David, Nicky and the team will also source the right lender who can offer you the most appealing and affordable rates.

We are always happy to help all our clients grow their business!!

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