Our specialty!  We love construction finance, and where a lot of Brokers steer clear of it, we love nothing more than to help you through the process.

Whether you’re building a new home, building apartments, or renovating a property you already own, there are many options available which may be more tailored to your circumstances than just the common home loan, or refinancing your existing loan. At Orchard Finance Services, we explain the options available to you (plus the benefits and pitfalls which you may not have otherwise identified) and find you the right option from around 30 lenders.  

With decades of experience in residential construction loans, Orchard Finance Services can establish the right loan for you and stagger the lending to suit the construction process, so that you are not paying interest on funds that have not yet been put to use. There are other aspects available such as interest only terms during the construction period. Generally the interest rates on construction loans are relative to standard home loans, but sometimes vary and can work in your favour. Orchard Finance Services can show you how to save unnecessary interest and expenses by choosing the right loan for your residential construction.

You pay no extra fees for our services. Our fees are paid to us by the lender / bank at no extra cost to you. You simply pay the same fees to the lender as if you went to them directly. Our strength is finding you the right lender and the right lending solutions. You pay no extra, you save time searching, you get expert advice and you ideally save considerable amounts of money by finding the right lending solution. Why wouldn’t you speak with a Broker from Orchard Finance Services?

Call the friendly team at Orchard Financial Group or drop into our office at Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast, to discuss your limited deposit home loan options today.