Fast Facts
about property investment on the Sunshine Coast

Unprecedented economic investment added to a platform of already long term property growth will soon see the Sunshine Coast evolve significantly, creating prime opportunities for savvy investors.



The Sunshine Coast offers much more than just one of the most appealing lifestyles in Australia... it also delivers a strongly appreciating property market which is about to receive a massive boost on the back of unprecedented economic investment in the region. 

Located one hour north of Brisbane in Queensland’s thriving south east corner, the
Sunshine Coast is a city of growth where (for now) you can still purchase property for a fraction of the price of inflated properties in capital cities such as Sydney & Melbourne. 

The future forecast looks very positive for strong returns on strategic property investments on the Sunshine Coast.




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Property Statistics
are already strong

Facts are facts: The statistics on Sunshine Coast property are already growing strongly prior to the economic investments in the region. Add in tens of billions of dollars in new developments including a new CBD, state of the art medical facilities and master planned communities to cater for the growing population and a wisely placed property investment could yield very impressive profit margins.

Appealing investment prices

Recent statistics show that you can purchase a median priced property for approximately:


A complete property investment package 
where all the research and hard work is done for you.

You can remove the stress of finding the ideal property and managing the often complex establishment details when you embark on your property investment journey with Orchard Financial Group. All of the hard work is done for you with expert knowledge by the friendly team at Orchard.  

With decades of property investment experience, Orchard Financial Group are based on the Sunshine Coast and can manage every step of your investment experience. Our standard services span from determining your budget / lending limit, to sourcing the right property options, analysing, structuring and brokering your finances, managing SMSF investments options, dealing with developers / builders etc. Smart investment made easy!

Dealing with us from interstate is easy

Orchard can do everything for you from afar, without you even needing to leave your home. We do suggest that you visit the proposed investment location at which point you can fly directly from Sydney, Melbourne (or various other locations) directly to the Sunshine Coast, but the choice is yours.

Have you considered using your super
to buy property?

Talk to us about how easy it can be! If you have around $200,000 + in your super you may be able to buy a median Sunshine Coast house with no external funds invested. Orchard manage the appropriate setup of your SMSF as part of our property investment package. 


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